P0175 – System Too Rich (Bank 2)


When there's too little oxygen in the exhaust, the P0175 code is triggered
The P0175 is triggered when there’s too little oxygen in the exhaust

There’s a rich condition in bank 2; i.e. there’s too little oxygen in the exhaust.

Main Symptoms:

Generally doesn’t come with symptoms but the Check Engine Light may come on and engine may misfire

Possible Causes:

  • Dirty or defective MAF sensor
  • MAF sensor has a vacuum leak
  • Problem relating to fuel pressure or delivery

Diagnostic Steps:

  • Inspect MAF sensor in bank 2 for dirt and debris
  • Check whether fuel pressure is correct
  • Inspect fuel lines and injectors for any leaks/openings and dirt
  • Check vacuum, PCV and exhaust for leaks
  • Run a smog test using OBD2 scanner

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