C1713 – Right Rear Height Control Sensor Circuit


PCM has detected that after switching ignition ON, a voltage of .3V or less, or 4.7V or more was achieved for more than 1 second at each height control sensor sub−assy rear.

Main Symptoms:

One of the C1713 code's symptoms is the Check Engine Light
The Check Engine Light coming on might be an indicator of the C1713 trouble code
  • Check Engine Light comes on
  • Height control indicator lamp (N) comes on or blinks
  • Vehicle won’t be able to perform height control function

Possible Causes:

  • Defective Right Rear Height Control Sensor
  • Wiring issue in Right Rear Height Control Sensor
  • Worn out suspension and ride control parts
  • Problem with shocks and/or struts

Diagnostic Steps:

  • Visually inspect all wiring in the RIGHT Rear Height Control Sensor circuit for loose, open or short connections
  • Perform resistance test on Right Rear Height Control Sensor. Replace if necessary
  • Ensure that all parts, including ball joints, springs (for ride height), shocks and struts are well maintained

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