How To Open A Car Door That Won’t Open From The Outside Or Inside

When car doors jam, they can be a nightmare to unlock. Mostly, if you do not have the right logistical support, you can remain stranded for quite a while, not knowing what to do. However, there are easy ways to open a car door that won’t open outside or inside.

In this article, you’ll learn how to open a car door that won’t open from the outside or inside

What Causes A Door Lock Emergency?

Most of us are guilty of locking the keys inside the car at least once. However, it’s not the only reason for ending up in such a situation. There are many technical aspects and problems why a car door won’t open from inside or outside.

These are the main reasons for door lock emergency:

To open a car door, you have to know the reason why your car door is stuck
Three main reasons why doors get stuck

A Broken Lock

A broken door lock is the worst thing to happen. Your car door won’t open from outside or inside. However, all waves do not break simultaneously, so there is an easy way out of such a situation.

Even if there is one functional door lock, you can avoid trouble, provided that you have the car keys. However, it’s easy to bypass a locked door simply because the other entries are functional.

It’s better not to leave the lock like that for a long time. It can lead to rusting and severe jamming. Hence, it will increase your repair expense.

A Damaged Door

Door damage can lead to lock problems. In case your car is hit on the sides, it can damage the door alignment and, ultimately, the locking mechanism. Most of the time, you can’t do much in such situations except for repairing your door’s body.

The lock may work fine in many cases, but it’s not as smooth because the door and its frame don’t fit. The severity of the damage can make the door wholly stuck and won’t open outside or inside. Therefore, you will not need a lock replacement but a fixing job for your door.


Deadlocks can often be a problem in many cars. It’s kind of a lockout where your car door won’t open. Interestingly, this is one of the standard features in some vehicles. Popular brands like Volvo and BMW have this feature in their cars.

This lockout feature came in the ’80s. Each company came up with its logic to require a sequence of keys or buttons to open the door. The button sequence can deactivate the lockout.

How To Open A Car Door That Won’t Open From The Outside Or Inside

If you have ever faced any of the scenarios mentioned above, you won’t have trouble dealing with them from now on. We’ve got some easy hacks to get out of such situations.

Here is how to deal with a car door that won’t open from the outside or inside:

Handling A Broken Lock

Broken locks are frustrating because it is very little you can do in such situations. However, you can try opening the other unbroken locks.

Probability says that at least one of your car locks will be in perfect condition. Therefore, if you have the keys, you can navigate around a broken lock. However, if you don’t have the keys, you will need the magic of hands to get in the car.

Hence, try one of the following to any of the unbroken door locks:

To open a car door, sometimes you have to handle with a broken door. Here are two ways you can do.
How to handle a broken lock

Use A Coat Hanger:

If your car has horizontal locks, twist the hanger, and make it into a hook. Insert it around the safety lock and pull.

Tennis Ball Sucker:

  • Take a tennis ball and make a hole in it.
  • Place the hole on top of a working lock keyhole.
  • Compress the ball at speed. The air pressure from the ball can help open the lock.

The success rate is not overwhelming, but the method should technically work.

Damaged Door Needs A Repair

A damaged door won’t open from the outside or inside. So, you have no option but to take your car for a repair job. Until it repairs, you need to get in the car from the functional doors.

Escaping A Deadlock

Since deadlocking is a semi-automatic system, you can escape it only with your car key. Hence, if you lose the remote control, you can still get in or out of your car with your car keys.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a spare key. In case you lose your car keychain, you will still be able to ride home and arrange for a backup. However, there is not much you can do on your own if you don’t have spare keys.

Having no backup keys will require you to take professional help. This means you must call a locksmith who knows the specific lock type to unlock your car conveniently. Moreover, you can try lockpicking, but there is very little chance of success.


Although a door problem is not welcome, it’s not too difficult to work your way around it. Therefore, if you know the tips and tricks, you can avoid such situations on the road where the car door won’t open from the outside or inside.

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