Foxwell NT644 Pro: Full System Automotive Scan Tool Review

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I personally have used the Foxwell NT644 Pro, and these are my thoughts about it.

But first, let’s see how good it is in comparison to its competitors.

FOXWELL NT644 Pro vs. NT624 Pro vs. Innova 3160g Comparison Chart 

All these scan tools will correctly work on most car models. However, the Foxwell NT644 Pro has the upper hand compared to the three.

It is the only model among the three, which can deliver car battery configuration and Diesel Particulate Filter functions.

However, keep in mind that you will need to upgrade the software frequently so that it can function effectively.

Foxwell NT644 Pro
Foxwell NT644 Pro
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Check Price
INNOVA 3160g
INNOVA 3160g
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Customer Rating
PriceFoxwell NT644 Pro priceFOXWELL NT624 PRO priceINNOVA 3160g price
Package Dimensions12" x 3" x 1.3"13" x 3" x 8.7"10.2" x 8.2" x 1.5"
Item Weight3.23lbs3.2lbs1.5lbs
ProsAll-System diagnosis;
Live Sensor Data;
EPB, DPF, and Car Battery Configuration Service included;
Throttle Body Alignment;
ABS Brake Bleeding;
Offers LIFE-TIME Internet Free Update.
Performs Full-OBDII Tests Modes and All-System Diagnosis;
Retrieves ECU information;
Offers LIFE-TIME Internet Free Update.
Excellent Scanner for Engine, ABS, SRS for OBD2 Vehicles from US, Asian and EU.
Connection and Compatibility issues (should check carefully before buying)No EPB, DPF, and Car Battery Configuration Service included;
No Throttle Body Alignment;
May not support all ABS European Codes; Poor customer service.
Bottom LineWheather you're a mechanic or an experienced enthusiasts, FOXWELL NT644 suits you.Foxwell NT624 PRO suits beginner mechanics and experienced enthusiasts.Innova 3160g is an excellent Innova Scan Tool for experienced enthusiasts or beginner mechanics.
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Foxwell NT644 Pro Overview

The Foxwell NT644 Pro is developed to diagnose almost every car system. However, it is one of the most expensive OBD tools I have used. I can say the diagnosis offered by this tool is typically accurate.

I can say the diagnosis offered by this tool is typically accurate. Furthermore, I had an easy time using it. The device is not complicated to use. I think any car owner can use it. But you need to understand the readings and know how to interpret them. Nevertheless, it does have some shortcomings that I will mention in the article.

FOXWELL NT644 Detailed Review

Foxwell NT644
Foxwell NT644 Pro Automotive Diagnostic Tool
Its ease-of-use makes it a good DIY tool. On the other hand, the extra functionalities make it a good choice for mechanics.


One thing that I liked about this scan tool is that it is a Plug-N-Play type of device. As soon as you plug it into the OBD port in your car, it will display the features accordingly.

The features and functions are also well-arranged for easy accessibility.

Once you click on the Enter button, it will automatically connect to your engine. The buttons are also quite responsive.

Diagnostic Functions

I liked the tool because it can reset the oil light and read and clear error codes from most systems on the vehicle.

I used it to diagnose the Engine Control Unit, traction control, transmission, entertainment, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, navigation, and stability control systems.

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By the way, I was also able to view live data with this tool. The Diesel Particulate Filter and battery configuration features are other unique features that are in this tool.

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Universal Coverage

Foxwell claims that this tool can work on every car model. I don’t know about that, but I think it can work on most US-made cars.

We have used it on a Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and GM.

It worked well on all these cars, so I think it can read and clear the other US-made vehicles’ codes.

However, it doesn’t work with Volvo 2013 XC60, which isn’t a good thing.

Other Functionalities

Another thing that I liked about the Foxwell NT644 Pro is the extra functions that it delivers.

For instance, it has the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Service that lets you perform diagnostics on the brake system.

The Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) feature lets you calibrate the Steering Angle Sensor.

Well, the EPB service might be a little faulty. Other features include the TPS and brake scanner.

The tool automatically retrieves the VPN when you want to connect it to the internet. However, you can also enter the VPN manually.

It might be a decent scan tool, but I didn’t like the need for a constant software upgrade. Furthermore, you cannot update the software directly with the USB cable.

The 8GB memory stick that comes with the Foxwell NT644 Pro happens to be too small when you want to update the software.

By the way, the tool offers live graphing too, which I think can be useful for mechanics.


  • The live data feature lets you view most data, even the wheel speeds
  • The keypad on the tool is easy accessible {and well-arranged} for easy usage
  • It starts running as soon as you connect it to your car
  • The rugged sides mean that it will not slip off your hands as you use it
  • The Foxwell NT644 Pro can do graphs too
  • You can connect it to the internet to upgrade the vehicles, parameters, and bug fixes.


  • It may not work with some vehicles, like Volvo
  • You cannot update the software directly with the USB cable

Who is Foxwell NT644 Pro Built for?

Whether you are an average car owner who wants to know your vehicle’s detailed condition or a mechanic with further experience, the tool will serve you well.

Its ease-of-use makes it a good DIY tool.

On the other hand, the extra functionalities make it the right choice for mechanics.

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The Bottom Line

So, is the Foxwell NT644 Pro a reliable OBDII tool? I think it is. This is a proper diagnostic tool that will handle almost every system in your car.

Furthermore, it can work with most car models in the US market. Of course, it does have some shortcomings, but I still think it is a decent product to buy.

The price might be too high, especially if you compare it to the previous version of Foxwell NT644.

Luckily, it supports 16 languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, German, French, and more. Also, it offers more services if you compare it to other Foxwell products.

Another major concern is that Foxwell doesn’t have such good customer support. They take too long to respond, and they can even fail to solve your problem.

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A video about how to diagnose the airbag by Foxwell NT644

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