AUTOPHIX OM126P: OBD2 car reader and emission analyzer review

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Are you experiencing issues in your car’s subsystems? Has the check engine light turned on unexpectedly? AUTOPHIX OM126P car code reader helps diagnose such errors in an attempt to clear them.

But first, let’s see how different it is from its brothers.

AUTOPHIX OM126P vs. OM123 vs. OM121 comparison chart

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Product Dimensions9" x 1.5" x 6.4"
Item Weight11.2oz
Read and Clear Codes
Reset Check Engine Light
Retrieve VIN, CIN, CVN
I/M Readiness Test
Live Data Stream--
View Freeeze Frame Data--
O2 Sensor Test----
EVAP Systems Test----
On-board Monitor Test----
Print Data to PC----
Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the Autophix OM126P
If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the Autophix OM126P, this is the right place

AUTOPHIX OM126P overview

Scanning tools utilize an onboard diagnostic system that assists in accessing the vehicle’s operation through the onboard computer. You save yourself a hectic trip to the mechanic by simply plugging it into your car’s system.

Considering the various brands in the market, choosing the best scanning tool for your needs can be hectic.

The best scanning tools should offer the appropriate features that help you test, run diagnostics, and access the vital supplemental systems of your car.

The AUTOPHIX OM126P is a cutting-edge model that performs an array of system diagnostics.

Detailed review of AUTOPHIX OM126P

Autophix OM126p
AUTOPHIX Code Reader OM126P OBDII OBD2 Scanner
The Autophix OM126P is an affordable and innovative solution for the average DIYer looking to sort out issues of the check engine light. Additionally, it can be used in a repair shop by professional mechanics.

Features and functionality

Besides reading and clearing error codes, the Autophix OM126P has several other features and functions. Such include:

  • Retrieving vehicle information
  • Turning off the engine light
  • Monitoring readiness test
  • Reviewing emission System
  • Looking up the definition of fault codes
  • OBD2 Function
  • Establish the DTC codes

OBD2 function

The code reader has enhanced functionality in reading and clearing trouble codes. It supports ten full modes of OBD2 functions. This means that you can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot the errors in your vehicle’s subsystem.

Furthermore, we no longer have to worry about the engine check light. By using the AUTOPHIX OM126P, you can identify the source of errors and reset the monitors.

Review of emission system

The code reader supports a readiness test that prevents all occurrences of rejection during the annual inspection.

It evaluates all the emission systems while showing you the real-time data of their status. This helps you know if your car has passed the smoke emission test.

Before going through the hassle of taking your car to the mechanic, the AUTOPHIX OM126P diagnostic tool helps you understand your car’s issues. It enables you to save time and fees.

Engine light

Compared to other code readers in the market, the AUTOPHIX OM126P provides fast reading and clearing of emission-related codes.

For engine light OBD, the scanner uses the STM32 chip. When you erase the codes from the car’s subsystem, the engine light will automatically turn off.

DTC lookup

The DTC lookup assists the user to quickly search for the definitions of the DTCs within the library. Additionally, it also gives code breaker information.

Retrieves vehicle information

AUTOPHIX OM126P allows you to view all your vehicle information such as CVN, CID, and VIN.

EVAP test

To monitor your car’s fuel tank integrity, the code reader lets you carry out a leak test for the car’s EVAP system.

The stream live sensor data supports the Evaporative Control System that helps identify system leaks. The sensors display relevant information such as the air/fuel mixture and temperature.


One of the main reasons that the check engine light comes on is a failed oxygen sensor. The AUTOPHIX OM126P scanner enables you to stream your vehicle’s Oxygen values to prevent any future errors.


If you want to check the status of specific components of your car, the onboard monitoring test allows you to read the results of different systems.


Do you need to test if you have passed the emission test? You no longer need to drive to the inspection station. The AUTOPHIX OM126P allows you to assess the readiness of your car to pass the test.


The code reader has a feedback function. It helps record all issues in the vehicle’s system and sends feedback assistance to your email later on.


The AUTOPHIX OM126P has broad compatibility. The code reader works for

  • Asian cars manufactured from the year 2006,
  • US-based vehicles from 1996, and
  • EU based cars from 2000.

What’s the best part? It supports all protocols

  • KWO2000,
  • CAN. J1850 VPW,
  • J1850 PWM, and
  • ISO9141.

Additionally, the scanner has a multi-language system that supports Portuguese, Russian, German, English, Spanish, and French. It’s one of the few scanners that endorses a multi-language system.


The display provides a view freeze-frame that shows live data in the graph and text formats. The freeze-frame takes a snapshot of all the operational conditions running at the time of the fault. It features a color display screen that you can’t find in many OBD2 scanners.

The data stream allows you to view all the items within the stream and waveform. You can efficiently review the DCT while accessing the automated VIN acquisition.

Besides, it has buttons that increase the ease of use. The up and down buttons help you navigate the diagnostic menu, while the middle I/M button allows you to carry out the emission test.


Regarding the software, the AUTOPHIX OM126P ensures free software upgrades for a lifetime. It makes sure that you are always up to date with the latest trends in technological advancements.

To activate the updates, you only need to download the file from the company’s website. You can update the OM126P on Windows 7/10/8. However, to install the initial driver, you require Windows 7.


  • It supports many languages.
  • It’s easy to use and understand.
  • It is affordable.
  • It does not require any batteries; you can just plug it into your vehicle.
  • It has a good build quality.
  • The startup is fast.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It troubleshoots errors efficiently and quickly.


  • Its instruction manual is poorly printed and formatted.
  • The plastic casing can easily break, especially when used in a repair shop.

Who is it for?

The Autofix OM126P is an affordable and innovative solution for the average DIYer looking to sort out the check engine light issues. Additionally, it can be used in a repair shop by professional mechanics.

The Autofix OM126P is an affordable and innovative solution for the average DIYer looking to sort out the check engine light issues. Additionally, it can be used in a repair shop by professional mechanics.

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The bottom line

The AUTOPHIX OM126 is battery-free. To power it, you need to plug it into your car using the OBD2 port.

It has a micro USB port that helps you to link it to your computer. This will assist you in updating all the latest software.

When looking up the codes, ensure to move from the left to right. To press enter or select, hold the up or down arrows.

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