AUTOPHIX ES910: Airbag ABS EPB OBD2 scan tool for BMW review

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AUTOPHIX ES910 is a professional scanning device used for scanning different BMW/MINI/Roll-Royce car systems.

This OBD scanner checks and resets gearbox, engine, battery management, parking brakes, airbags, ABS, and different control systems.

AUTOPHIX ES910 BMW Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader
AUTOPHIX ES910 BMW Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader
This product is awesome I register my car battery for a 2003 BMW 745LI and I also cleared all of the codes. It’s is worth the money. Now I do not have to wait in long lines or pay all that extra cash for getting a battery or codes reset.
Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the Autophix ES910
If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the Autophix ES910, this is the right place

Autophix ES910 overview

It is an essential device that can enhance your driving safety and help you identify a problem before it becomes an issue.

The gadget is compatible with all BMW vehicles manufactured between years 1998 to 2003. It is capable of erasing all of the error codes experienced in the BMW car systems. Besides, it comes in different languages, which makes it easier to use.

Detailed review of AUTOPHIX ES910


The use of AUTOPHIX ES910 is compatible with most BMW vehicles but serves a similar purpose in Roll-Royce vehicles with RR chassis. Below is a list of BMW car models that can use this scanning device.

  • I Series consisting of E81/E88/E87/E82/and F21/F20
  • 2 Series vehicles such as F23/F22/ F46/F45
  • 3 Series cars including E46/E91/E90/E92/E93, F31/F30/F35/F34/F80
  • 4 Series vehicles that include F32/F36/F33/F83/F82
  • 5 Series cars comprising of E39/E61/E60/F07/F11/F10/F18
  • 6 Series vehicles with models like E64/E63/F06/F12/F13;
  • 7 Series cars like E38/E65/E67/E66/E68/FO2/F01/F03/F04;
  • I Series vehicles that comprise of 13/101/18/112

MINI vehicles use the device in checking, clearing system errors, and the models that are compatible with it include:

  • MINI R50/R53/R52
  • MINI R56/R55
  • All R series and F series with a chassis system.

AUTOPHIX ES910 supports OBD and CAN protocols that are found in the above car models. However, the BMW and Mini vehicles must have a 16 Pin diagnostic port, making it the best repair tool.


AUTOPHIX ES910 has a colorful display with 320×240 pixels. Also, it has a backlit, which allows the users to read data both in the day and nighttime. Live data is displayed along with a graph using the vehicle version to generate information.

From its display, you can see several functions where you can choose what you want to inspect. The device has buttons that you can use in selecting the required function.


AUTOPHIX ES910 comes with installed software that you can keep updating from the connection port after a while. Upgrading of software is possible through a Bluetooth connection to wireless media.


AUTOPHIX ES910 is small in size and light in weight. It has an LCD, enter button, and exit button. You can scroll up, down, left, and right using the scroll buttons. The device is also equipped with an OBD 16 pin connector.

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When you buy the device, it is packed with the main unit code reader, a carry case, and a USB Cable. This cable is essential for software upgrades and battery charging. However, the cable demands careful storage because it is unique, and a replacement cannot function properly.


  1. CBS Correct/CBS Reset: When using the device, you can reset the engine oil, front and rear brakes, brake fluid, vehicle inspection, gasoline particulate filter, spark plugs, inspect exhaust emission, and many others.
  2. It has special functions that support Airbag, ABS, EPB, Engine, Transmission, Battery Management, Clears Adaptation, Steering-Angle Sensor, Correct and Reset CBS, and other parts.
  3. Provides version information
  4. Read data stream
  5. Rest airbag, EPB, and SAS system
  6. Battery management

The primary objective of acquiring this device is to enhance your car safety. Whenever the car starts, some issues are notable because they illuminate their warning lights on the dashboard. However, some defects are hard to notice because there is no alarm set for them.

Benefits of using AUTOPHIX ES910

  • Efficiency: the device identifies slight faults that take hours before a mechanic can identify them. A motorist does not need to drag his or her car to a repair shop for simple tasks because the device can pinpoint them. By the press of a button, an error is cleared immediately.
  • Cost-effective: Mechanics charge their services according to the workload and have no consideration for how small or big the fault was. However, if a system error refuses to clear, you will walk into the shop with knowledge of what needs to be done. As such, the experts will go directly to the issue, making it a cost-effective exercise.
  • Time-saving: Apparently, even the most experienced expert takes time before they can establish the problem. These take hours or even days and can inconvenience the car owner significantly. However, the AUTOPHIX ES910 saves you time by identifying the faults immediately when running a diagnostic test.
  • Easy to use: The device has an interface that guides you through the operation. The scrolling buttons are easy to work with and respond immediately after a press. Also, it comes with a training manual that teaches you how to use it.
  • Compatibility: One gadget can function on different car models that it is compatible with. For instance, if you have two or more BMW cars, you don’t need to buy several gadgets. Additionally, you can update your device using wireless media, improving its efficiency.

Disadvantages of using AUTOPHIX ES910

Purchasing a new device is expensive for the first time, which deters most motorists. Also, the gadget is not available in all regions, and car owners that cannot make these orders cannot benefit from its use.

Who is it for?

It’s one of the best BMW scan tools in the market today. The sophisticated safety features found in the AUTOPHIX ES910 make it a perfect tool for use by all BMW car owners. No formal training is needed for you to operate it, and it is user-friendly. New car owners and seasoned drivers can diagnose their cars whenever they find it convenient.

Automotive scanning devices are diverse, and this becomes a challenge for first-time buyers. Investing in AUTOPHIX ES910 enables you to carry out a car diagnosis at no cost ensuring that all the systems are functional. Stop worrying about your car safely every time you embark on a journey and acquire this device.

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