Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P: Professional Car Diagnostic Tool Review

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Are you a professional mechanic or technician? Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P is for you.

You are here on the right page with the in-depth review about Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Car Diagnostic Tool, which is only for professional mechanics/technicians.

Autel MS908P vs. MS906 vs. MS906BT Comparison Chart

Autel Maxisys MS908P
Autel Maxisys MS908P
Check Price
Autel Maxisys MS906BT
Autel Maxisys MS906BT
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Autel Maxisys MS906
Autel Maxisys MS906
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Customer Rating
PriceAutel Maxisys MS908P priceAutel Maxisys MS906BT priceAutel Maxisys MS906 price
Product Dimensions0.1" x 0.5" x 0.3"30.1" x 18" x 7.2"10" x 1.4" x 6.9"
Item Weight0.16oz19.15lbs18.75lbs
ProsSupports all functions and services of MS906BT, and:
Can perfectly perform J2534 ECU programming.
Has same functions as MS906, and:
Support oscilloscope;
Wireless VCI;
Advanced EDU Coding.
Offers Full-system diagnosis and full-OBDII modes;
Actuation Tests, Adaptation;
One-stop multitasking for shop management.
ConsSupports ECU Programming for BMW and Mercedes Only.Possible vehicles Communication issue.
(For Specific Vehicle models, visit Autel official website)
Only 1-year free update;
Possible car compatibility problem (For Specific Vehicle models, visit Autel official website)
Bottom LineAutel MS908P is excellent for mechanics who often work with Vehicle Repair & Maintenance.Autel MS906BT is the perfect diagnostic tool for technicians and mechanics who want to do advanced ECU Coding.Autel MS906 is the perfect diagnostic tool for technicians and mechanics.
Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the Autel MaxiSys Pro
If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the Autel MaxiSys Pro, this is the right place

Overview of Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P
Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P
Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P is the best quality scanner for mechanic shops.

The Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Professional OBD2 scanner provides the best solutions for ECU programming and Specialized Automotive Diagnosing. Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P is easy to use with a large pool of features that ensure optimum diagnosis performance. MS908P is capable of covering all diagnostics that are OE-related. It’s the best solution for diagnosing peerless smart vehicle repairs.

Autel MS908P runs on Android OS thus enables you to multitask and manage many applications at the same time. By this, you are able to fix a particular part of the engine and at the same time monitor the effects it has on other parts.

The diagnostic scan tool has a wide vehicle coverage from 1996 onward. It can work efficiently with over 80 vehicle makes in the US, Europe, and Asia. MaxiSys pro Software and a reprogramming box are incorporated into the tool to make it possible to solve complicated problems. The Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P OBD2 scanner enables enhanced vehicle identification, quick and accurate, as with its Auto-Vin technology.

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Detailed Review of Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P

Services and Functions

1. Super fast diagnosis

It runs on an Android 4.0 OS and has a strong Cortex-A9 Samsung Exynos 1.4 GHz processor, which enhances its speed a great deal and allows multitasking.

When powering it on, it takes 20 seconds to boot up, a speed that is approximately five times quicker than similar products on the market.

2. Auto-Vin Technology

Auto-Vin is a new technology for quick and precise identification of CAN-enabled vehicles with just a single touch. This device displays data in texts as well as graphs, which makes analysis easy and efficient. Once identifying a vehicle, it runs the diagnosis of the engine and all the selected systems as well.

3. Battery Recharge

Its 11000mAH-3.7V battery lasts up to eight hours with continuous operation, and it’s only a few hours of recharging.

4. Extensive Vehicle Coverage

It is designed to work efficiently on more than 80 US, European, and Asian models.

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5. Smart Screen

The 9.7 inches IPS touch-screen is LED-back-lit and has 1024 by 768 resolution, thus providing a clear contents display.

Multi-touch is also an added advantage with a possibility of 5 touches at a go.

6. Sufficient Storage Capacity

The Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P has 2 GB DDR-3 RAM, which comfortably handles large numbers of files and supports live streaming without hanging.

The Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P has 2 GB DDR-3 RAM, which comfortably handles large numbers of files and supports live streaming without hanging. The 32 GB internal hard drives provide enough space for storing all the clients’ detailed history.

7. Autofocus Camera

The 5-megapixel inbuilt rear camera provides images of high quality with its auto-focusing capability. The camera has a flashlight as well

8. Easy Printing

The tool enables easy printing using any PC that runs on Windows or a Wi-Fi enabled printer.

9. High-Level Configuration

This diagnostic tool covers almost all OE-Level Diagnostics, which means that the OE_level library in the device contains all error codes that are likely to occur. You, therefore, do not have to contact a car dealer in case of an unidentified error.

10. DataLogging

These sessions are interactive, giving you the chance to directly contact the Autel Technical team in case of any challenges with the device. It gives you easy and unlimited technical support remotely.

11. Compact and Light

The device weighs 28.9 pounds, making it easy and suitable to carry. Its dimensions are 9 by 18 by 7.6 inches in length, width, and height, respectively.

12. MaxiFix

This is an additional feature in the cloud that enables users to network and access a database of procedures, repair, and diagnostic tools. You can interact with fellow technicians and share knowledge via MaxiFix.

Other additional features include fast data transfer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a notification center for updates and news.

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P’s Shortcomings

  1. The device is not suitable for low-end mechanics as the operational procedures are quite complicated. It mainly targets professionals in Auto-repairing and Garage Shops.
  2. It is a high-end product and is not affordable for everyone who would want to use it.

Why Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P?

1. Its quad-core processor, the Cortex-A9 Samsung Exynos 1.4 GHz, provides high processing speeds.

2. The compatibility of the device with other add-ons makes it possible to install a language pack.

3. The scanned data is presented as texts and/or graphs.

4. The device is compatible with a large number of vehicles.

5. Android Ice Cream 4.0 on which it runs enables multitasking and quick boot-up—almost five times faster than other diagnostic devices.

5. Android Ice Cream 4.0 on which it runs enables multitasking and quick boot-up—almost five times faster than other diagnostic devices.

6. It is light, compact, and robust. Therefore, you can carry and work with it anywhere without much hassle.

7. You can share data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with other people in your team or print for hard copies.

It’s one of the best Professional Autel Scanners!!

Does Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Suit You?

This diagnostic device is mainly for professionals, those with Garage or Auto Repairing Shops. It won’t suit you if you are a single car owner. The design is meant to serve many people. If you are an owner of a garage or car shop, Autel Professional OBD2 MS908P could help you get things done fast.

Is It Worth Buying Then?

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P is an all-around and powerful tool that I would definitely recommend to any professional mechanics in the auto-repairing business.

It can be a long way to ease up and increase efficiency in your engine diagnostics from all the features mentioned. The returns are a guarantee.

It is a current tool that is compatible with most vehicles models. With its ‘Future Proof’ feature, it is to remain relevant with new vehicle models being released.

Autel is very good with after-sale services, and you are assured of getting updates every time they are done.

So, you’ve got what you need about Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P.

Take one for your professional business!!

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Quick Features of Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Auto Diagnostic System.

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