Autel MaxiLink ML329: OBD2 Check Engine Light Scanner Review

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Autel MaxiLink ML329 (2018 upgraded) is a scanner with the patented one-click key, enabling you to check your car’s status and verify repairs.

With this scan tool, you’ll be able to read and erase codes on domestic, European, and Asian vehicles from 1996 to date. It retrieves generic, manufacturer-specific, and pending codes.

But don’t take it before you study the comparison chart below.

Autel ML329 vs. ANCEL AD310 vs. ANCEL AD410 Comparison Chart

Check Price
Autel ML329
Autel ML329
Check Price
Autel AL319
Autel AutoLink AL319
Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceBAFX priceAutel ML329 priceAutel AL319 price
Product Dimensions2.8" x 1.5" x 1"11.3" x 9.2" x 3"63" x 17.7" x 92.5"
Item Weight2.88oz1.85lbs6.2oz
ProsOffers various diagnostic functions;
Work smoothly with third-party apps;
Optimized for vehicles in the United States only.
Supports reading live data and I/M readiness;
Can display DTC definitions;
Can help clear codes and resets monitors;
Reads freeze frame data;
Can reads live ECU DataStream;
Can retrieve VIN;
2 years Warranty.
Has one-click I/M readiness button;
Displays OBD2 Live Data;
Reads & Erases OBD2 DTCs;
Supports 1996 and newer OBDII and CAN;
Retrieves VIN;
Reads live PCM data stream.
ConsNot support iOS devices.Almost none at this price range.No in-built DTCs Lookup library.
Bottom LineBafx products is suitable for beginners and average car owners who prefer Bluetooth.Autel ML329 suits any beginners or average car owners who prefer plug-and-play.Autel Al319 suits beginners who want to turn off the CEL and do simple diagnosis.
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Who is Autel ML329 for?

This model is for beginners and car enthusiasts. It supports wide vehicle coverage and the ones made in 1996 and above. Your vehicle must be OBDII compliant to be able to utilize this scanner well.

ML329 upgraded review
Autel MaxiLink ML329 (2018 Upgraded) Scanner
This car diagnostic scanner tool supports check engine, clears codes and resets monitors as well as views freeze frame data, displays monitor and I/M Readiness Check, reads live ECU datastream and retrieves vehicle information.

Functions and Features 

Read and Erase Codes

Autel ML329 diagnostic tool supports all OBDII protocols, including reading and erasing codes, among others.

  • The read function can be done when the key is on, and the engine is off or while the key is on and the engine is running.
  • In case the trouble codes have been stored in your vehicle’s computer memory, these codes will cause the control module to illuminate.

The pending codes will indicate the problems that the control module has detected to happen during the current or previous driving cycle. These pending codes usually do not cause malfunction indicator light.

If the fault codes have not occurred during a specific number of warm cycles, then the codes clear from the memory.
  • 329, or you can choose to disconnect power to the ECU.


You will be able to view the DTCs and all definitions on the screen. These include the sequences of the DTCs, control module number, type of codes, and the total number of codes detected. Also, permanent codes function for vehicles supporting the CAN is available.


Erasing the codes will allow the scan tool to delete all the codes, including the freeze frame data and manufacturer’s enhanced data. To avoid erasing the codes when not performing the service or repair. Another weakness is that the deleted codes will be displayed again if an underlining fault has not been addressed.

Retrieves I/M Readiness Status

I/M readiness function checks the operations associated with the emission system, especially on OBDII compliant vehicles. The Autel ML329 scan tool’s function is excellent when you utilize it before inspecting the car for state emission compliance.

Modern vehicles will support the two types of I/M readiness test.

The first one will indicate your monitors’ status from the day DTCs were erased, and the second one will show the monitor’s status from the beginning of the current cycle.

There are two ways of retrieving status in Autel ML329. These include using a one-click readiness key and the typical way.

In the scanner, you will see the LED colors and the audio tones, which indicates the readiness status. The green, red and yellow LEDs will help you determine if the vehicle is ready for an emission test.

  • The green LED indicates the engine system is okay,
  • The yellow LED shows there might be a condition like stored trouble codes or pending codes.
  • The red LED indicates there is a problem with the vehicle system. When the red light appears, you can either take the vehicle to a professional or repair it yourself.


With the I/M readiness function, you can check your monitor’s status since it was erased and the status during the current drive cycle. Also, you have two options to choose from for retrieving the I/M status of your vehicle.


By clearing the trouble codes, the readiness status is removed for the individual emission system. For you to reset these monitors, your vehicle must be driven through the whole drive cycle to ensure no codes are in the memory.

This Upgraded MaxiLink ML329 scan tool is specially meant for vehicles
Freeze frame data allows you or a technician to know whether the vehicle is operating at the moment while diagnosing the trouble codes.

View Freeze Frame and Live Data 

Autel MaxiLink ML329 diagnostic tool supports check engine, resets monitors, and clears codes.
Freeze frame data allows you or a technician to know the parameters in which the vehicle is operating at the moment while diagnosing the trouble codes.

Freeze frame data allows you or a technician to know the parameters in which the vehicle is operating at the moment while diagnosing the trouble codes.

  • Some of the parameters include the engine coolant temperature (ECT), engine speed (RPM), and the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).

The live data function enables you to view the real-time PID data of your vehicle. To view this, select live data and wait for a few seconds while the scanner tools validate the PID Map, then view the live data on the screen.


With this scan tool, you can view the vehicle’s parameters with ease and display the live data in real-time. You can duplicate these parameters for further diagnosis and repair.


The device cannot display all the data on one screen; you have to scroll it until you find the necessary function. Also, in some vehicles, the device shows “no freeze frame data stored,” meaning this function is not available.


This Upgraded MaxiLink ML329  scan tool is especially for vehicles that will support OBDII protocols, including the ones equipped with the Control Area Network (CAN).

Though the EPA requires all domestic, European and Asian vehicles to be OBDII compliant, some of the models made before 1996 does not support this function especially the once meant in 1994 and 1995.

To check if your vehicle is OBD 2 compliant, check if it has the 16-pin data link connector usually in the dash or if the emission control label indicates the vehicle is OBDII compliant.

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The Bottom Line

Autel MaxiLink ML329 diagnostic tool supports check engine, resets monitors, and clears codes. You will be able to view freeze frame data, read live ECU data, display monitor, and I/M readiness check. With this scanner, you will also be able to retrieve vehicle identification information, including the VIN, CALID, and CVN.

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