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ANCEL X5: Full System Professional OBD2 Scanner Review

Recently I recommended ANCEL X5 to one of my colleagues.

He is a professional tech and he was looking for a scanner that could support full system diagnosis. I felt that ANCEL X5 could be the most appropriate scanner for him.

This is because I have been using ANCEL X5 for over 2 months now. Overall I can say that I am satisfied with its performance.

Ancel X5 vs. FX4000 vs. Bluedriver Comparison Chart

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Check Price
Check Price

Customer Rating
11 / 5
3.23.2 / 5
4.54.5 / 5
PriceANCEL X5 priceANCEL FX4000 priceBlueDriver price
Product Dimensions5.9" x 3.7'" x 1.5"9.4" x 6.7" x 2"2.2" x 1.9" x 1"
Item Weight5.9oz2.9lbs2.08oz
ProssCan perform basic and advanced functions;
Supports wireless connectivity;
Can display live data.
Can perform full system diagnosis;
Support Full OBDII Modes;
Live data.
Can scan and clear lights of ABS, airbags, stability control systems, and your A/C;
Free app, no-fee Updates.
ConsNot support wireless connectivityDoesn't work on some car models listed as compatible.Not for Windows;
Doesn't support many advanced features.
Bottom LineANCEL X5 is suitable for DIYers or average car owners.ANCEL FX4000 is for experienced enthusiasts or DIYers.Useful and well worth the money;
Highly recommend for DIYers and car owners.

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Just like all scanners it’s not perfect but can perform diagnostic functions accurately.

Here is what I like and dislike about ANCEL X5.

Ancel X5 is built for a professional tech to perform basic and advanced functions.
Honesst Review of ANCEL X5 OBD2 Scanner

Ancel X5 Detailed Review

ancel x5
ANCEL X5 Professional Full System OBDII Scan Tool 
55 / 5
As soon as I ran DSS test on ECU system the diagnostic trouble codes for a defective alternator were displayed on my PC.

Comprehensive Diagnosis Service System (DSS)

What I like

I own a garage and scanning vehicles is an everyday activity.

My first vehicle to scan using ANCEL X5 was a Chrysler. The efficiency and accuracy of ANCEL X5 got me hooked and it now been one year down the line.

A client had approached me to perform a number of tests after her car Check Engine lights came on. To establish the source of the problem I performed a Diagnosis service system (DSS) test. DSS involves checking the ECU so as to establish a possible problem.

As soon as I ran DSS test on ECU system the diagnostic trouble codes for a defective alternator were displayed on my PC.

The PC was connected wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity to ANCEL X5.

The most interesting part is reading real-time data stream, freeze frame, and clear codes.

I replaced the alternators and cleared the codes with a single push of a button.

ANCEL X5 is truly a professional tool that can accurately diagnose most vehicle brands.

What I dislike

It takes longer to establish Bluetooth connectivity between the PC and ANCEL X5. At times I feel that it is slowing me down when I have a number of vehicles to diagnose.

Expert Service System (ESS) diagnosis

What I like

A friend of mine wanted to buy a used Toyota from a dealer but he was not sure about the condition of the car.

He asked me to help check out the condition of the car.

This required me to perform a number of ESS diagnostic test using ANCEL X5.

I first plugged in ANCEL X5 and established a connection to my PC using Bluetooth connectivity.

Some of the in-depth expert modules that I performed included idle speed learning, Airbag reset test, DPF reset tests, SAS calibration test, throttle adaptations, and ECU start-up test.

Luckily the car was in good condition.

Three months after buying the car, my friend informed me that the car was in excellent condition thanks to the accurate and highly effective ANCEL X5.

What I didn’t like

Over the time I have noted that ANCEL X5 can only perform ESS test on some specific vehicles.

When I tried performing ESS on Subaru impressed all that I get is a system error.

Maintenance Service System (MSS)

What I like

When you leave your car without occasionally starting and leaving the engine to run for a while, it may end up not starting at all.

This is what happened to a car owned by one of my colleagues.

He had left his vehicle for a month without starting the engine. When he tried starting the engine, it just couldn’t start.

Using ANCEL X5 I performed a number of MSS tests that included a battery check, ABS bleeding, TPMS test, and EPS test.

With the help of the scanner, I identified two error codes that included ABS and battery check error. After recharging the battery and resetting the ABS error code, the engine finally roared.

The performance of ANCEL X5 really impressed both my friend and me.

What I didn’t like

It takes longer for the software to load.


I initially chose ANCEL X5 because I wanted a scanner that could scan most cars.

After checking the manufacturer’s manual I was surprised to learn that it covered more than 70 vehicle brands.

I can scan all gasoline and 12V diesel vehicle manufactured from 1996 onwards on all OBD 2 vehicles.

Another amazing thing about ANCEL X5 is that I can use my iPad, PC, or tablet to read the diagnostic code.

This is because it is compatible with Android and all the windows software.


    • Can accurately read and clear codes
    • Supports real-time sensor data
    • Performs both basic and advanced functions
    • Supports several languages
    • Bluetooth connectivity


    • Updating and installing the ANCEL X5’s software is cumbersome
    • Takes some time for the tint to deactivate after welding

Who Is ANCEL X5 Built For?

Getting a scanner that can perform both basic and advanced functions is not easy.

I can confidently say that ANCEL X5 is built for a professional tech to perform basic and advanced functions.

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The Bottom Line

I have been able to make major strides in diagnosis, repair, and maintenance since I bought ANCEL X5. This is a scan tool that I can confidently recommend to any professional tech who want to perform advanced and basic scanning.

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12 thoughts on “ANCEL X5: Full System Professional OBD2 Scanner Review”

  1. I can’t get my ancel x5 to connect to the tablet they sent with it. The light turned blue once,then Never again. Only had it for a week now.

  2. Does this device (Ancel X5) work on RAM? Also, does it have the capability of programming a different TPMS threshold than the manufacturers set threshold? I have a RAM truck and the TPMS light is always illuminated because the manufacturer TPMS threshold is set for 80 PSI in the Rear and 70 PSI in the front. I run my tire pressures at 60 PSI and would like to reset these thresholds so the TPMS light is not always illuminated! Thanks for any help. Jeff

  3. Hi, thanks for the reviews, it has helped me a lot. I am Brazilian, and if possible, could you ask me a question? Which scanner is more complete: Foxwell NT650, Ancel X5, Ancel BD310 or would have another suggestion. I am looking for models with advanced functions, with free upgrades and value up to $ 200.00. Thanks.

  4. Compre un scanner ancel x5 tuve ciertos problemas en conectar lo pence que era que no avia bajado bien la aplicación pero ahorita solo me aparece license failed please check the validity of vci no puedo usarlo alguien save que pasa ? Bendiciones

  5. hi! i am allen a garage mechanic. i am looking for an obd2 scanner that supports my hyundai H1 2004 (grx CRDI), have you ever tried using the ancel X5 in hyundai H1. I have a foxwell NT650 and the actron CP9690. These are both edible scanner but non of them works on my hyundai. thank you very much if you could help. cheers!

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