Ancel FD500 Vs. Ancel FD700 Vs. AUTOPHIX 7150: What Ford drivers must know before buying it?

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Ancel FD500, Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 are awesome scanners for Ford vehicles. They get so much fixed in seconds. They work by detecting a problem, then fixing it. And if it calls for replacement, these scanners tell you what needs to be replaced. With these scanners, you might not need to use the mechanic any time your car breaks down.

But again, Ford Vehicles has different models. So which of these scanners would do an amazing job on your car? Or let’s take it this way. How do you know the scanner that would work best for your car?

You won’t just know about these scanners. But would be able to pick confidently, the best scanner for your vehicle.

Ancel FD500 Vs. Ancel FD700 Vs. AUTOPHIX 7150 comparison chart

Check Price
Check Price
Autophix 7150
Autophix 7150
Check Price
Customer Rating
Weight15.2 Ounces1.3 pounds16 Ounces
Dimensions9×6.4×0.8 inches6.1×4×1.2 inches10.2 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches
OBDII diagnostics
System diagnosticsFull systemFull systemFull system
Advanced service functionsBattery registration;
Oil reset; CBS reset;
ETC reset;
PCM adaptations;
EPB reset;
Injector coding;
CBS reset;
Battery registration;
EPB reset;
SAS learning;
DPF regeneration;
CBS reset;
SAS calibration;
EPB reset;
Battery management;
oil reset;
DPF regeneration;
Vehicle CompatibilityCompatible with Ford, Lincoln & Mercury after 1998Works on most 1996 car makes and newer OBD II vehiclesCompatible with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury made from 1996 to 2019
Ancel FD500, FD700 and Autophix 7150 are the three best Ford scanners
This article brings a depth review of the three best Ford scanners.

Ancel FD500 vs. Ancel FD700 Vs. AUTOPHIX 7150: What do they share?

Ancel FD500, Ancel FD700, and Autophix 7150 function to make fault detection and repairs easy. They all have unique functions. But they share the following.

  1. Vehicle Compatibility: The Ancel FD500, Ancel FD700, and Autophix 7150 are compatible with OBD II Vehicles. Perfect examples of cars that work with these scanners are Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. It works well for cars made between 1996 and after.
  1. Read and clear codes: The Ancel FD500, Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 are perfect for reading and clearing codes. They help to detect and clear all trouble codes in seconds. Aside from Ford, they also help to detect and clear trouble codes for other vehicles.
  1. I/M Readiness: This functions by inspecting and maintaining codes. This feature helps to reflect the current status diagnosis. The diagnosis tells if the test is complete, unavailable or if the test is not ready.
  1. Data Stream:  These scanners read a car’s data stream and detect how different sensors of the car works. And also set the running data. With this feature, you can learn more about the ABS, SRS, Engine, and transmission.
  1. Vehicle Information: These scanners can give detailed info about the vehicle such as VIN, CALID, CVN, etc
  2. Battery Registration: Each of these scanners can help you register your new battery when you replace it. But you must make sure that the old battery and the new one have the same car parameters. Because if the parameters are not the same or too different, the registration might not be successful. And also note that failure to register and code a new battery may lead to improper charging of the battery.

More of what these scanners share

  1. Engine: Ancel FD500, Ancel FD700, and Autophix 7150 can check your car engine, detect and fix any fault. This feature helps check the strength, economy, and stability of your car. With it, your engine can hardly develop a fault without you knowing in time.
  1. Transmission: These scanners have a transmission that helps to balance the engine speed and the rear wheel speed. This helps the engine to perform in its best capacity.
  1. SRS: All three scanners have an SRS device that helps to expand the airbag in case of a collision. It usually works before every second collision. This way, the car driver is protected. Again the SRS helps to read every airbag error code and make sure it fixes it. This helps to avoid the danger of the airbag not functioning properly when there is a collision.
  1. Oil Reset: This feature in these scanners regularly helps you check your oil. And also service your car. The feature functions by first draining out the oil from the engine. And then reset the oil lamp on the instrument cluster. This way, you can change your engine oil early, thereby keeping parts of your vehicle new.
  1. TPMS Reset: TPMS, also called Tire Pressure Monitoring System, helps to monitor the pressure your car tire exerts. When your tire is under-inflated, the TPMS light illuminates. And when you see this light, it means that your tire might be in danger of wearing off. The minute you replace the faulted tire, it turns off the TPMS warning light. Please note that this feature might not work well for some Ford cars. So you can reach us to inquire before purchasing.

More powerful features Ancel FD500, FD700 and Autophix 1750 share

  1. EBP Reset: This is a technology that electrically monitors parking brakes. Not only does It keeps your car in check of how the break functions. These scan tools also checks for possible problems with your parking brake and tells you how to fix it. Or possibly fix it for after you must have replaced brake pads.
  1. ABS Bleeding: These scan tools help to read and erase ABS sensor error code. When this is done, the warning light turns off. With this tool, you can easily detect the causes of an error. With ABS bleeding, errors like low brake fluid or a blown fuse are easily found and fixed.
  2. Electric Throttle Position Reset: The throttle helps to keep the engine working normally. Because of this, you must ensure that you clean it. If this is not done, the carbon deposits and impurities will affect the accuracy of the throttle. However, you must reset the codes to default after cleaning. Failure to this will make the computer of the car memorize the opening where there is a carbon deposit. This action in turn results in the engine being weak, idling, and overspeeding.

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Ancel FD500 vs. FD700 Vs. AUTOPHIX 7150: Key Differences Explained

Ancel FD500, FD700, and Autophox 7150 have many features in common. However, there are some other features you will find in one and won’t find in other(s). Let’s take a look at them. Because it will help in choosing which scanner will work best for your car(s).

  1. Fuel System: Only Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 have a feature that helps control the fuel system. These features enable fuel to circulate accurately throughout the vehicle.

ANCEL FD700 All System Scanner for Ford Vehicles

Ancel FD700 can control how the vehicle exhaust works.
This feature regulates the flow of smoke from the exhaust pipe.

  1. Exhaust System: Ancel FD700 only, can control how the vehicle exhaust works. This feature regulates the flow of smoke from the exhaust pipe.
  2. SAS Calibration: The Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 not only read fault codes but also perform calibration of the sensor if needed and erase the codes when you finish.
  1. IMMO Keys: This feature is only found in Ancel FD500 and Autophix 7150.

ANCEL FD500 Full System Scan Tool for Ford Lincoln

Ancel FD700 can control how the vehicle exhaust works.
This feature regulates the flow of smoke from the exhaust pipe.

  1. Battery Maintenance(BMS): While this feature helps to examine battery condition, it also helps to oversee closed-circuit current and notify you when the battery needs replacement. Of the three scan tools, only  Ancel FD500 and Autophix 7150 possess this feature.
  1. DPF Regeneration: Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 only help to clear particulate matters from the DPF. This is done through constant combination oxidation mode to have filter performance stabilized.

AUTOPHIX 7150 Code Reader for Ford Lincoin Mercury

Autophix 7150 helps control the gear behavior.
It helps to change vehicle gear properly.

  1. Gear Learning: Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 helps control the gear behavior. It helps to change vehicle gear properly.
  1. Fuel Injector Coding: Ancel FD500 does not have this feature. Buy Ancel FD700 and Autophix 7150 can code unique numbers to replace the new ones. This is usually done when fitting the new injectors or after completion of replacement.

Final Thoughts

These scanners all work to achieve the same goal – save time and money. They help to detect faults in your vehicle, fix the problems, or suggest how to fix them. Make sure you choose the right one for your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do all three scanners work well with trucks?

These scanners work on most Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury and trucks from 1998 to newer that have the OBDII 16 PIN Socket.

  1. Of the three scan tools, which of them supports ABS bleeding better?

The three of them support ABS bleeding, but the Autophix 7150 does it better.

  1. Must I register my new battery?

Yes, it is good to register a new battery. This is because not registering it might cause the battery not to charge properly. However, not all Ford vehicles need battery registration.

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