ANCEL BST500: 12V/24V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester Review

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ANCEL BST500 Battery Tester is a modern digital battery tester that is one of the best battery testers on the market. It will help you give the gadget the basis for determining whether the test fails, pass, or re-test. There is nothing worse than trying to start your car but fails to turn over. That’s why you always have a battery tester, which gives you an insight into your car battery.

ANCEL BST500 Vs. FOXWELL BT700 Vs. ANCEL BA101 Comparison Chart

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Customer Rating
PriceANCEL BST500 priceFOXWELL BT705 priceANCEL BA101 price
ANCEL BA10111.7" x 7.5" x 2.6"13" x 3.2" x 9.1"9.5" x 7" x 2"
Item Weight1.55lbs3lbs5oz
ProsCan perform Cranking system test and Battery life analysis;
Gives quick and accurate in few minutes;
Fitted with LCD screen;
Has print function.
Can perform cranking test and charging system test;
Ergonomic design;
Gives fast and accurate results.
Accurate results;
Quick tests;
Has print function;
LCD screen which is easy to read.
ConsPrintouts have small fonts;
Sometimes the results are not consistent.
Cannot store previous test results;
Printouts are not readable.
Does not perform well true load test;
Sometimes the results are not consistent.
Bottom LineIf you want something for your home use, then go for ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA Battery Tester.If you want a tester with extensive functionalities for your auto shop, then go for models like FOXWELL BT705 which features extra functionalities.ANCEL BA101 is simple for beginners.
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Detailed Review Of ANCEL BST500

ancel bst500 battery tester
ANCEL BST500 Automotive Battery Tester
ANCEL BST500 is a battery tester which enables you to easily and accurately measure a 12V, 24V and up to 2000 CCA battery. This device checks the capability of the cranking current and determines the nature of your battery in the backlit LCD screen.

Features and Functionality 

ANCEL BST500 is a battery tester that can also detect the starter and generator charging system’s common faults, enabling you to quickly repair and solve the vehicle problems.

LCD Display

ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA battery tester is fitted with an LCD screen that is easy to read even in the light. This screen displays the current battery status, whether it is great, good, okay, or needs replacement. It also displays the measured battery voltage, CCA battery, estimated remaining life, and the internal resistance.

Quick Tester Analysis

This battery tester enables you to have a quick analysis without necessarily disabling the ignition. It can test and analyze most of the battery rating systems, including the CCA, CA, MCA, BCI, JIS, IEC, DIN, SAE, GB, and EN.

With this type of battery tester, you can directly check the bad cells and get the test result display within about 2.5 seconds.

ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA battery tester gives 2x faster results than most of the battery testers out there.

Safe And Secure

The testing operation in this tester is safe and secure. It is fitted with clamps features that have reverse polarity protection, and it does not emit a spark. This allows you to perform the test without disconnecting the battery, thus saving time and effort.

Built-in Printer

Most of the battery testers are not integrated with this feature. ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA battery tester has a built-in integrated printer that enables you to quickly print the test results for record-keeping with the date and time functionalities.

Accurate And Precise Results

This device has features that are the same as the expensive ones. It has decent quality features that give quick and accurate results./box_border]

When used, this gadget gives nearly identical CCA numbers and is good for matching batteries. Also, this device enables you to check the remaining battery life and gives the internal battery resistance.

Ease of use

Ease Of Use

ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA battery tester is handy and easy to use. You can easily check your car’s status when the check engine light comes on and displays the code for each problem. It is great to have it when going around with your car so that you can be able to check your car battery status in a snap when prompted.

Gives Codes Plus The Problem

Most battery scanners only give the codes, which are hard to figure out what it means.

This device will give you codes and indicate the problems, thus enabling you to understand your battery’s state without the need for an expert.

Also, the LCD screen is bright and allows you to read with ease.

Strength And Weakness

ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA battery tester’s strength is that it can test both 12V and 24V. This enables this device to be compatible with most cars, minivans, SUVs, and small trucks. It can also support a 100-2000 CCA battery making it ideal for most vehicles. The weakness of this BST500 is that it can only perform a limited test and sometimes gives inconsistent results. The printout fonts are also small, making it hard to read.

For Whom Is The ANCEL BST500?

Depending on the model, battery testers have different levels of accuracy. Someone like a garage owner needs a tester that gives more information and has extra features. These include functionalities such as engine light, ABS, TPMS relearn, SAS, Oil reset, DPF, and EFB reset.

Good testers should also perform multiple tasks such as cranking test, battery test, and engine test.

If you want a tester with extensive functionalities for your auto shop, go for models like FOXWELL BT705, which features extra functionalities.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to buy for your home use, go for ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA Battery Tester. The best battery tester should also feature other devices like built-in printers and PCs for detailed test analysis.

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