ANCEL AD610 Elite: Professional engine ABS SAS airbag scanner review

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ANCEL AD610 Elite is a powerful diagnostic tool capable of performing comprehensive diagnostic functions.

It can read and clear the airbag warning lights, ABS warning lights, SAS system, and clear check engine light.

Besides, you will notice that it can diagnose both OBDI and OBDII vehicles.

To find out more about ANCEL AD610 read this detailed review based on a first-hand experience.

Check out how it compares to other scanners.

Ancel AD610 vs Tryce SR950 vs Bluedriver Comparison Chart

ANCEL AD610 Elite
Check Price
TryAce SR950
TryAce SR950
Check Price
Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceANCEL AD610 priceTryAce SR950 priceBlueDriver price
Package Dimensions8.7" x 6.6" x 3.3"10" x 7.4" x 2.6"2.2" x 1.9" x 1"
Item Weight1.76lbs1.45lbs2.08oz
ProsCompatible with OBDI&II cars, SUVs, minivans, light trucks;
Supports live data and graphing;
Has an SD card for data backup;
Supports full 10 OBD II modes;
Can accurately retrieve ECU information;
Offers code definitions;
Supports ABS, SAS, SRS, and actuator tests.
ryAce SR950 OBD2 Scanner offers:
Live PCM data stream;
Freeze frame;
O2 sensor test
Evapsystem test;
Battery check;
One-click readiness key;
On-board monitoring test:
DTCs lookup library.
Can scan and clear lights of ABS, airbags, stability control systems, and your A/C;
Free app, no-fee Updates.
ConsFails to perform ABS bi-directional in some models;
Sometimes impossible to update;
Display invalid email’ icon when you want to register online;
Has a low standard on-screen menu;
Slow to respond at times.
Almost none for an OBD2 Scanner at this price range.Not for Windows;
Doesn't support some advanced features.
Bottom LineANCEL AD610 Elite excellently suits average car owners and DIYers.TryAce SR950 OBD2 Scanner is great for car owners or DIYers.Useful and well worth the money;
Highly recommend for DIYers and car owners.
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ANCEL AD610 Elite Detailed Review

ancel ad610 review
ANCEL AD610: Professional Car Engine ABS SAS Airbag OBD II Scanner
ANCEL AD610 Elite is a professional OBD/EOBD diagnostic scan tool for Airbag (SRS)/ABS/SAS/Engine Systems. It can accurately read and clear error codes and turn off warning lights. Supports all 10 OBDII test modes, such as live data, O2 sensor test, component test and more.

Features and Functionalities of Ancel AD610

1. Clear the airbag warning lights


ANCEL AD610 Elite has SRS feature that can help you reset the airbag warning lights.

SRS warning lights may not be indicated an emergency situation but it is not safe to drive with the lights on.

When SRS lights are on, the airbag may fail to deploy in an event of a crash.

You will be exposed to greater danger as you will not be cushioned from crashing against the steering wheel.

Even worse, when SRS lights are on, the airbag may spontaneously deploy while driving and prevents you from controlling your car.

This may result in an accident or injuries.

Fortunately, ANCEL AD610 will help you to diagnose the entire airbag system of your vehicle.

This code reader will retrieve diagnostic trouble codes that will tell you the source of the fault.

You can retrieve codes for damaged airbag, a defective airbag fuse, or malfunctioned safety belts.

If you are a DIY car enthusiast you can fix the fault or you can have a mechanic repair your car.

Thereafter, you can use the code reader to clear the airbag warning lights.


You will realize that ANCEL AD610 code reader may fail to establish a connection in some models that are listed to be covered.

It also takes a long period to establish a connection.

2. Perform ABS functions


ANCEL AD610 Elite is a professional OBD/EOBD diagnostic scan tool for Airbag (SRS)/ABS/SAS/Engine Systems.
To retrieve ABS diagnostic trouble codes you need Ancel AD610 diagnostic scan tool.

Being able to diagnose ABS system on your vehicle is critically important.

ABS system uses four sensors located on each wheel to continuously monitor the wheel rotation speed.

The warning light usually pops up when the onboard computer detects a problem with the ABS system.

To retrieve ABS diagnostic trouble codes you need a diagnostic scan tool.

The best part is that ANCEL AD610 can accurately pinpoint a fault within the ABS system.

It is recommended to pullover and diagnoses your car if the ABS lights pop up while driving.

This is important because the system is designed to prevent the wheels from locking and skidding uncontrollably.

ANCEL AD610 will retrieve diagnostic trouble code depending on what is causing the ABS lights to come on.

Some of the common problems include blown sensor fuse, low brake fluids, and faulty sensor.

Once the problem has been fixed then you can use the scan tool to reset the ABS lights.


ANCEL AD610 has limited coverage when it comes to ABS diagnostic functions contrary to what is indicated by the manufacturer.

3. Clear check engine light

Check Engine Light is one of the most threaded and confusing lights.

This is because it indicates that there could be a problem in the engine system but it does not specify the problem.

The only way to establish the underlying problem when check engine light comes on is to use a scan tool.

If you have ANCEL AD610 code reader then you are lucky.

This diagnostic tool can effectively read and clear check engine light.

Besides, the retrieved codes can tell you the exact nature of the underlying issue.

You may find that you have a misfiring engine or a less serious problem like a loose gas cap.

You can choose to take your car to a mechanic or fix it yourself depending on the nature of the problem.

ANCEL AD610 will also help you to know when a repair is complete.


This scan tool comes with poor manual and instructions making it difficult to use.

Also, it is really difficult to update the scanner.


ANCEL AD610 has a wide compatibility.

You will be able to perform basic diagnostic functions on most OBDI and OBDII vehicles.

It can also scan makes and model from 62 manufacturers.

These models include SUVs, Minivans, and light-trucks both domestic and foreign.

Who is it built for?

ANCEL AD610 code reader is designed for average car owners, car enthusiasts, DIY, and mechanics who are looking to perform basic and some advanced diagnostic functions.

The scan tool can effectively read and clear the Check Engine Lights, and perform ABS/SRS diagnostic functions.

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The Bottom line

ANCEL AD610 code reader is a great diagnostic tool if you are looking to perform basic diagnostic functions on your car.

You will realize that it can clear check engine light on most models.

The scan tool can also perform ABS/SRS functions on some models.

However, one thing is apparent with this scan tools.

It will help you save money and time as you will significantly reduce the number of trips to your mechanic.

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