ANCEL AD610 Plus vs. FOXWELL NT630 Plus: Which Is Better?

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ANCEL and FOXWELL are two prominent brands in the automotive diagnostic world. Hence, it’s a no-brainer when picking a scanner from either brand to debug your vehicle. If you’re looking for a scan tool that can check more than just the engine, I’ve got the tools for you. I’m talking about the ANCEL AD610 Plus vs. FOXWELL NT630 Plus.

These scanners are in the same price range, and they can access the ABS, SRS, and SAS modules. I’ll discuss these tools in great detail to help you distinguish their features regarding the advanced diagnostic functions.

So, are you ready to discover the best ABS, SAS, SRS scanner? Let’s get to it.

ANCEL AD610 Plus vs. FOXWELL NT630 Plus: Complete Comparison Chart

ANCEL AD610 Plus
ANCEL AD610 Plus
Check Price
Check Price
Customer rating
PriceANCEL AD610 Plus priceFOXWELL NT630 Plus price
OBD2 functions10/10*10/10
System diagnosticsEngine, ABS, SAS, SRSEngine, ABS, SAS, SRS
Advanced service functionsABS bleeding, SAS reset, SRS resetABS bleeding and SAS reset
SRS calibration
Bi-directional Control
Language Support62
Screen Size3”4.3“
Weight1.76 lbs2.65 lbs
Product Dimensions7.48” x 1.57” x 3.54”17.72” x 9.84” x 2.36”
Warranty 1 year 1 year
1 yearFree lifetime updatesFree lifetime updates
Supported ProtocolsJ1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000 and CANJ1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000 and CAN
Vehicle CoverageBMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce from 1976 to 2022 with OBD2 16 PIN.1998 to 2019 BMW/MINI/Rolls-Royce Vehicles with OBDII 16 PIN.

*Notes: Excellent: 9-10; Good: 7-8; Fair: 5-6; Poor: 3-4; Very poor: 1-2

ANCEL AD610 Plus vs. FOXWELL NT630 Plus
The ANCEL AD610 Plus and FOXWELL NT630 Plus are both OBD2 scanner that can read and erase codes from the engine, ABS, SRS, and SAS systems

ANCEL AD610 Plus vs. FOXWELL NT630 Plus: The Similarities

OBD2 Functions

The ANCEL AD610 Plus and FOXWELL NT630 Plus are incredible models for telling what’s wrong with your vehicle. Both tools can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, turn off the Check Engine Light (CEL), and test O2 sensors. They can also graph data streams to help you see live information of various systems. In addition, these scanners can tell if your car is ready for an emission test and perform EVAP tests.

The ANCEL AD610 Plus and FOXWELL NT630 Plus can retrieve a vehicle’s VIN for automatic scanning. If not, you can enter the VIN manually. Also, you can see onscreen DTC definitions and access a built-in DTC lookup library to read detailed diagnostic definitions.

With the ANCEL AD610 Plus, you’ll see three indicator lights that remind you of the current error codes. It’s an intuitive feature in case you forget about an underlying issue.

I’ll recommend the ANCEL AD610 Plus when choosing between the two scanners for OBD2 functions since it’s slightly cheaper.

ANCEL AD610 Plus
ANCEL AD610 Plus
The ANCEL AD610 Plus scanner is for the driver on a budget looking for a diagnostic scanner with some nice extras. It resets the most crucial systems so you can cover as many issues as possible.

Advanced System Diagnostics

The ANCEL AD610 Plus and FOXWELL NT630 Plus can read and erase codes from the engine, ABS, SRS, and SAS systems. Since both devices have similar advanced system diagnostics, I’d urge you to go for the cheaper option, the ANCEL AD610 Plus.

Bi-directional Control

With the ANCEL AD610 Plus and the FOXWELL NT630 Plus, you can temporarily perform active tests on the Airbag and ABS. This function allows you to perform auto bleed, actuator, solenoid, pump motor, ABS manual test, and hydraulic control tests.

If you’re only looking for a tool that can perform bi-directional tests on the ABS and airbag systems, you may want to consider the FOXWELL NT630 Plus since it has professional-grade functionality.

ANCEL AD610 Plus

ANCEL AD610 Plus


Supported Protocols

Both scanners support OBD1 and OBD2 protocols. They are compatible with the five OBD2 protocols, including SAE J1850 VPW, SAE J1850 PWM, ISO 9141-2, KWP 2000, and ISO 15765-4/SAEJ2480 (CAN).

ANCEL AD610 Plus vs. FOXWELL NT630 Plus: The Differences

Advanced Service Functions

While both scanners have many similar features, they differ slightly in the advanced service functions. Both the ANCEL and FOXWELL scanners can perform an ABS and SRS reset and SAS calibration. However, the ANCEL AD610 Plus can reset the crash data while the FOXWELL NT630 Plus cannot.

Nevertheless, the two scanners allow you to calibrate the steering angle sensor. Therefore, they can erase the fault memory to provide for the current angle setting. In addition, these auto diagnostic scanners will help you perform ABS bleeding and reset the airbag system after maintenance.

If you desire to reset the crash data, the ANCEL AD610 Plus is the better option for you in this case.

Product Dimensions

When you look at the physical properties of the ANCEL AD610 Plus and the FOXWELL NT630 Plus, you’ll see a huge difference.

First, the FOXWELL scanner is much larger than the ANCEL since it measures 17.72 x 9.84 x 2.36 inches, while the ANCEL measures 7.48 x 1.57 x 3.54 inches.


The ANCEL AD610 Plus is lighter at only 1.76 pounds, while the FOXWELL NT630 Plus weighs 2.65 pounds. Because of the FOXWELL’s weight, it is supplied with a carry case. It’s easier to carry around since you don’t have to store it in your coveralls.

Languages Supported

You’ll like that the ANCEL option supports six languages, including English, Chinese, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese. On the other hand, FOXWELL NT630 Plus only has English and Spanish language options.

Screen Size

The FOXWELL device is much larger with a big 4.3-inch full-color screen that’s easy to see in broad daylight. Unlike the ANCEL AD610 Plus, which has a 3-inch screen that’s difficult to see in bright light.

FOXWELL is much more comfortable to hold and use for DIY enthusiasts. You can see the graphs better. Thus, it’s the ideal choice when choosing a model based on its ease of use.

Vehicle Coverage

The ANCEL AD610 Plus covers 60+ car brands. It is compatible with 2001 – 2016 Chrysler, Ford, and GM models, 2001 – 2016 European cars, and 2003 – 2016 Asian vehicles. Nevertheless, the ABS, SRS, and SAS functions are on specific vehicles. You’ll have to check with ANCEL whether your vehicle is supported.

The FOXWELL NT630 Plus supports use in 1996 and newer Ford, Chrysler, and GM US brands. It also works with most 1996+ European and Asian vehicles, making 52 brands. Furthermore, it can support newer models up to 2022 when you update the scanner. This scanner has wider coverage, and it’s my recommendation for a small garage that covers different vehicle brands.

Pros and Cons

ANCEL AD610 Plus


  • Well-built
  • Runs off the car’s power
  • Full-color display
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Actuates components
  • Wide vehicle coverage


  • Difficult to read in bright sunlight
  • Interface is a bit overcrowded

ANCEL AD610 Plus

ANCEL AD610 Plus




  • Easy-to-operate menu
  • Enhanced Mode 6 functionality
  • Accurate SAS calibrations


  • Only two languages
  • Does not support Mac iOS




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Final Thoughts

The ANCEL AD610 Plus and FOXWELL NT630 Plus are excellent options for DIYers, amateur auto techs, and mechanics. I hope I’ve put aside any doubts you may have about picking one of them to match your needs. So, go ahead and service vehicles using a reliable tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   Do you need to pay for software updates for more vehicles?

No, these scanners have free lifetime updates. You’ll be able to cover more vehicles without paying a subscription fee.

2.   Can you perform ABS bleeding on all OBD2 supported vehicles with the FOXWEL NT630 Plus?

No, FOXWELL NT630 Plus supports ABS bleeding on select models. It’s best to check with the brand before buying this tool for that feature.

3.   How do you update your diagnostic scanner?

These devices update over the internet by connecting to a PC or laptop. They will work on the Windows operating system. Then, visit the manufacturer’s website to access free software updates.

4.   Can you reset the SRS with these scanners?

Only the ANCEL AD610 Plus can reset the SRS, while the FOXWELL NT630 Plus cannot. However, the latter model can help with the SRS calibration.

5.   Is ANCEL AD610 Plus a universal bi-directional tool?

Unfortunately, the ANCEL AD610 Plus scanner can temporarily perform bi-directional tests on systems concerning the ABS and airbag systems only.

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